Monday, November 14, 2016

Apple Stuffed Pancakes

I saw these on Facebook and while they didn't turn out as "pretty" as they were in the video, they certainly were delicious!

Step 1: You can use any apples you choose. Our household favorite is Honey Crisp, but since they're out of season at the moment the Fujis looked wonderful, so we used those.

Step 2: Prepare your pancake batter. You only need enough for about 4 to 6 pancakes since the apple is only going to be coated in the batter and not the feature of your breakfast. I added about a teaspoon on cinnamon to my batter as well. 

Step 3: Slice the apples and then cut out the core from the center.

Step 4: Dip your apple slices in the batter. I learned that I may want to thicken my batter just a tiny bit more than I normally would so that it sticks better. 

Step 5: Put your coated apple slices on the preheated griddle or pan (your choice) and cook each side for roughly 2 minutes. Not only does this brown your batter, it also softens your apple slices just a bit.

Step 6 (optional): Dip the slices in a cinnamon and sugar mix. The original instructions said to use nonstick spray in your pan, which I don't typically use, but I'm guessing that might have helped the sugar adhere a lot more evenly. 

Looks aside, it was a HUGE hit with the kids...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Birthday Treasure Hunt

Our middle child is turning 14 today and she's long passed wanting toys for her birthday. All she really wants is money. However, I have a hard time just forking over the cash. Not because I'm opposed to giving it as a present, but I'm opposed to not making her work a little bit for it. Besides, it's just more fun that way. 


Monday, October 24, 2016

Tim Burton Halloween Party

I'll admit that this took months to assemble. However, we did have our new daughter arrive back in July so that has a huge factor for everything taking 3 times as long as it should have.

Wonderland Scene

1. Plywood
2. Poster Board
3. Jig Saw
5. Paintbrushes
6. Hot Glue
7. Hand Made Wood Flowers that I found at Target
8. 24" Black Light Fixture (We purchased 2 of these)

While I personally have no talent in the drawing department, my daughter does, so she drew templates on the poster board. My father-in-law cut the pieces out with the jig saw, but honestly I would have been able to do it if I needed to. Then just paint the boards. I made the mistake of getting the little bottles of acrylic paint from Michael's and ended up needing 4 sets of 6 to paint everything. It would have been a lot less expensive if I'd just bought the 1 pint set I included the link for. Finally, I just hot glued the pieces together in order to really create the 3D effect you see there.

Nightmare Before Christmas Candle Holders

Oogie was a gift from my daughters. They know how much I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it worked out perfectly for the party theme. 

1. Glass Mason Jar - I just saved the Bertolli jars when I made chicken alfredo.
2. Textured silver paint

Just clean and spray paint the outside of the jars. I used Modge Podge to attach the labels I printed, but regular glue would work just fine too I'm sure.

Photo Corner

1. Halloween Fabric purchased from Hobby Lobby as a background
2. Dollar Store Toys for Dress Up
3. Selfie Stick

This was super easy with all the kids having cell phones these day, but they had a blast with it. 

Drink Station

We ordered the black light responsive party-ware from Amazon.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Candy Table

My mother is a Goodwill junkie, so she had all the apothecary glassware already from her various "treasure hunts." We're lucky enough that Albanese Candy Factory is only about a half hour from our house, so I was able to get classic confectionery candies. 

Upelkuchen Cakes

This was mine... Yes, sad I know.

These are my sisters... I learned the secret to making cake pops is to crumble them and add in a couple spoonfuls of icing before shaping them. 

The Rest Was Just Fun